7. Form and Distribution Exercise

For each one, put it in standard form first, then state which terms are distributed.


1. US presidents are always men.

2. Robins are not mammals.

3. Every jazz fan loves Thelonious Monk.

4. Some Sherlock Holmes fans love Adrian Monk.

5. No one who eats sashimi is vegetarian.

6. Philosophers who write novels are famous.

7. “Truthiness” doesn’t apply in all contexts.

8. The Daily Show is quite amusing.

9.  Feathers are not heavy.

10. He who hesitates is lost.

11. Only men play professional football.

12. None but citizens may vote.

13. Only students can eat in Seacobeck.

14. You can’t run for President if you are not at least 35 years old.

15. Obama is running for president.

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